A Vapor Ilhas - Montagens Técnicas e Industriais LDA. é uma empresa sedeada na Zona Franca Industrial da Madeira que opera nas seguintes áreas:

  • Montagens Técnicas Industriais nomeadamente:
    • Energias Renováveis e outras;
    • Centrais Térmicas;
    • Centrais Hidroelétricas;
    • Centrais de Bombagem;
    • Manutenção de vários equipamentos mecânicos com mão de obra especializada;
    • Projecto e Fabricação de Catalisadores Industriais;
  • Construções Metálicas e Metalomecânicas:
    • Projectos e Instalações "Chave na Mão";
    • Tubagens de Vapor, gasodutos, oleodutos e outras (soldadura certificada em várias ligas);
    • Todo o tipo de tubagens (aço carbono, inox, cobre, alumínio, latão, bronze, etc);
    • Isolamentos em forra mecânica;
    • Isolamentos industriais;


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Vapor Ilhas - Montagens Técnicas e Industriais LDA. is a company based in the Industrial Free Trade Zone of Madeira which does work in the following areas:


  • Technical Industrial Assembly especially:

    • Renewable Energy and other types of Energy;

    • Thermal Power Stations;

    • Hydroelectric Power Stations;

    • Pumping Stations;

    • Maintenance of diverse mechanical equipment by specialized labour;

    • Planning and Fabrication of Industrial Catalysers;

  • Metallic and Mechanical Structures:

    • ”Key in Hand” Projects and Installations;

    • Steam pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines and other pipe-work (certified welding in various alloys);

    • All types of pipe-work (carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, bronze, etc.);

    • Mechanical lining insulation;

    • Industrial insulation;

  • TRACTEL® Elevated and Suspended Platform Systems;

  • Planning and Execution of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems



Our company was created in July 2004, thanks to intensive work, and to the over 30 years' worth of experience gathered by 2 technicians, who decided to invest in the energy and industrial sectors.


Vapor Ilhas has a bold and modern outlook, with the objective of keeping abreast of the global market of which it is a part, paying close attention to the wishes and demands of its clients. A certified company (according to the norms of EN NP ISO 9001:2008), it pays close attention to the efficiency of its service, the quality of its products, and its speed of response.


With versatile, compact and stable support services, it is ready to accept any challenges, even our clients biggest dreams.


Over the years, Vapor Ilhas has always sought to combine the experience of its technicians with adequate training for each type of activity.


It also enjoys a set of factors which differentiate it from its competitors: modern machinery, namely a scouring and metalization installation, machines for the automatic cutting of very thick panels by both plasma and oxyacetylene, with CNC programming, a heavy crane vehicle, and an articulated elevator platform, among others. This allows it to be less dependent on external contractors and consequently to have better quality control and speed of execution.


Vapor Ilhas - Montagens Técnicas e Industriais, LDA
Zona Franca da Madeira - Plataforma 34C
Tel: (+351) 291 741 105
Fax: (+351) 291 612 085
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